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  • Chrome Oxide Green paint grade, similar to Bayer GN

    Characteristics: Chromium oxide green is one of fewness pure phase pigment , it is constituted by pure Cr2O3 ,possess intensive chemical inertia and physical resistance: dissolve not in water and ray ,resistance to erode ,resistance to heat until 1000 centigrade degree. The colour of chromium oxide green is differ owing to its manufacture technics and granularity ,varies from yellowish shade green go blue shade sap green. Chromium oxide green is colorant that apply to paint ,plastic, rubber, cement ,construction material ,gypsum and asphaltum etc.

    Cr2O3 content:98.5%-99.5%
    Cr6+: 5ppm max.
    Water soluble salt: 0.3% max.
    PH value: 5-7
    SiO2+Al2O3: 0.10% max.
    LOI at 1000 centigrade degree: 0.40% max.
    Bulk density: 1.0-1.3g/ml.
    Oil absorption: 12g/100g
    325mesh residue: 0.10% max.
    Color shade date:
                Delta-L: -0.5----0.5
                Delta-a: -0.6----0.6
                Delta-b: -0.6----0.6
                Delta-Eab: -1.0----1.0
    Diluted with TiO2 Dupont 902(1:5)
                Delta-a: -0.6----0.6
                Delta-b: -0.6----0.6
                Delta-Eab: -1.0----1.0
    Relative tinting strength: 95%--105%
    Packing: in 25 kgs bags or 1000 kgs bags.