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  • Chrome Oxide Green low hexavanlent chrome

    Environment Protect Grade Chromium Oxide: The environment protect grade chromium oxide can satisfy for Europe and American request of environment protect.

    Characteristics : Green crystal powder, bright shade, better covering strength than chrome oxide green common type, good pigment property after purification and a wide range of application.

    Uses: High purity chrome oxide green is mainly used as pigment for high class porcelain glaze making, printing ink for paper money, pigment for cosmetics etc.

    Color/Appearance: Green powder
    Tinting strength: 100+/-5%
    Oil absorption: 15-25%
    Fineness(residue on 325 mesh): 0.2% max.
    Water soluble matter: 0.3% max.
    Cr2O3 Content: 99.2% min.
    Moisture: 0.3% max.
    Hexa valence content: 5 ppm max.
    Packing: in plastic woven or paper bag of 25 kg net.