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  • Chrome Oxide Green Abrasive Grade

    Characteristics: Green crystal powder, better fineness, grinding-resisting. Chromium oxide possess 9 degree of the sclerometer, is a high quality abrasive.

    Usage: The different object applied chromium oxide require different particle size. Chromium oxide produce polishing paste that apply to polishing surface for metal, instrument, meter, magnetism register material and optics parts ,it is used also produce for brake linings.& In glaze making abrasive materials.

    Color/Appearance: Green powder.
    Cr2O3 Content: 99% min.
    Tinting strength: 100+/-5%
    Oil absorption: 15-25 %
    Fineness(Residue on 320 mesh) : 0.3% max.
    Water soluble matter: 0.3% max.
    Moisture: 0.2% max.
    Particle Size: 2.6um, 1um, 0.3um as required.
    Packing: in plastic woven or paper bag of 25 kg net.