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  • Chromium Oxide applied to melt spray

    Characteristics: Chromium oxide is resistance heat, melting point 2265 centigrade degree ,possess 9 degree of the sclerometer, has intensive chemical inertia and physical resistance :resistance to acid or alkali and atmosphere, resistance to weather or ray ,resistance to erode. It is a excellent paint applied to melt spray (heat spray). Melt spray chromium oxide possess particle size well situated ,particle size distribute uniformity, particle shape is near ball, surface round and smooth, good fluidity. Chromium oxide is melted and spray to surface of metal and ceramic by using plasma (or 3000 centigrade degree gas), can endue to metal and ceramic with excellent characteristic of resistance to heat and resistance to abrade and resistance to erode.

    Specification: Cr2O3 content: 99% min.
    Matter soluble in water: 0.1% max.
    Size: 16~45um: 80% min.
    Fe2O3: 0.1% max.
    Al2O3: 0.1% max.
    CaO: 0.05% max.
    MgO: 0.2% max.
    SiO2: 0.1% max.
    TiO2: 0.1% max.
    Packing: in plastic woven or paper bag of 25 kg net.