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  • Sodium Bichromate

    Molecular formula:K2Cr2O7

    Molecular weight:294.19

    Properties: Orange red crystal with three modifications. Under ordinary temperature, it is stable modification A, which will change into modification C after being heated to 269centigrade degree and its volume will increase by 52%. After cooling down, it will change into modification B in a metastable state. After being heated to 255 centigrade degree again, it will change into modification C the second time, with its volume reducing by 0.1%. It has a poor hygroscopy, dissolves in water, but not in alcohol. This product is toxic and a powerful oxidant. While coming into contact with an organic substance, it will burn.

    Intended uses: It is intended for manufacturing chrome green and chrome alum chromalum, as well as a raw material for such industries as match, explosive, ink, welding rod, enamel and the like. Besides, it also serves as an industrial oxidant in printing and dyeing, synthetic perfume and other industries.

    Specifications and quality:

    Index Name
    Grade A
    Grade B
    Grade C
    Potassium Dichromate(based on K2Cr2O7)
    99.0% min
    Sulfate (based on Cl)
    Water insoluble (based on Cl)

    Packing: in plastic woven bag of 25kg net.