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  • Potassium Bichromate

    Molecular formula:Na2Cr2O7H2O

    Molecular weight:298.00

    Properties: Orange red crystal which will dehydrate to generate copper brown anhydride at 84.6 centigrade degree. It dissolves in water, but not in alcohol. Characterized by a strong moisture absorption and a good hygroscopy, it is a powerful oxidant. While coming into contact with an organic substance, it will burn, therefore, it should be sealed for storage. This product is toxic.

    Intended uses: It finds widespread applications and is mainly used for manufacturing chromic anhydride and other chromic salt products. It is also used for soaking metals, removing corrosion and electrolytic corrosion, mordanting wool fabrics, preventing timber corrosion, bleaching fat, tanning, etc. Besides, it also serve as an oxidant for synthetic perfume, medicine, dye, etc.

    Specifications and quality:

    Index Name
    Grade A
    Grade B
    Grade C
    Sodium bichromate(based on Na2Cr2O7H2O)
    98.0% min
    Sulfate(based on SO4)
    Chloride(based on Cl)

    Package and transportation: Iron drum lined with plastics or soft package, on which should indicate Powerful Oxidant, Toxic and Keep Dry. It must not come into contact with an organic substance and be kept dry during transportation.